Lead, Translational Research



Jamie Bloomfield leads Translational Research for the Aviation Studies Institute at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). His team is responsible for advancing the maturity of technology emanating from the institute’s research programmes, into capabilities that can be demonstrated and validated by industry. He is also responsible for the institute’s broader industry engagement activities.

He brings 15 years of industry experience working in Air Traffic Management (ATM) in both industry and government roles. He led the strategic development of ATM capabilities for the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore and delivered ATM consultancy projects across the region for NATS Services Asia Pacific.

His leadership roles build upon a technical background in the use and application of fast time simulations for Airspace Design and ATM development programmes, having worked in the analytics team of the UK air navigation service provider NATS, during his early career.

Jamie brings knowledge of a range of stakeholders and industry concerns; he recognises the need for collaboration to improve the efficiency of ATM and the challenges this brings. He will be using his experience to advance ASI’s engagement with the local industry ecosystem and raising the technology readiness level of the institute’s research outcomes.

In his spare time, he enjoys exploring wide-open landscapes at a moderate pace on a bicycle and sometimes at a slower pace by foot, ascending towards mountain vistas. He also enjoys the conversations he has with the people he meets during his travels. His interest in exploration is not limited to geography and aviation – he is always curious to learn more about how other industries and the wider world work and the real-world challenges that need to be solved.

Jamie has a Master’s degree in Chemistry and is a member of the Society of Chemical Industries.


  • M.Chem., Chemistry with Industrial Training, University of Warwick (United Kingdom) (2005)

Research Interest

Jamie is interested in improving the efficiency of operations with greater integration and collaboration of airspace and airfield stakeholders. He takes an applied approach to development that is problem-focused and user-centric.