The Aviation Studies Institute pursues research in the following 3 programme tracks:

Aviation International Policy – This research track focuses on the global civil aviation framework such as the Chicago Convention and the related Protocols and Conventions. It investigates the dynamics related to the cross-border nature of civil air traffic, use of airspace, sovereignty, provision of air traffic services, strategic affairs, security, political developments and international relations. The programme also looks at how regionalism and globalisation create new opportunities in the world of civil aviation.

Aviation and ATM Economics – This research track focuses on areas such as economic relations, competition, economic regulations, and investment and finance, to spur greater efficiency through harmonisation of the aviation ecosystem. Specific topics may include ATM modernisation cost-benefit analysis, innovative financial models in capital investment to encourage ATM harmonisation, and pricing of air navigation services for efficient use of airspace; and

Aviation Technology and Policy – This research track focuses on aviation studies pertaining to technology and policy challenges spanning areas such as ATM infrastructural development, operations and systems development, data analytics, futures thinking and artificial intelligence.